Uses and Benefits of IV sedation: What to Expect?

January 24, 2023 By Alexander Kim, DDS, MD

Dental and maxillofacial surgical treatments are essential to your oral and overall health. Oral and maxillofacial surgeries can make a person feel a little apprehensive due to the fear associated with it or even because of the instruments being used. Anxiety related to oral surgical procedures can be a considerable obstacle to proper oral and overall health.  Although every surgery is performed under local anesthesia, IV sedation sometimes becomes necessary. Now, many of you may ...

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All you need to know about Corrective Jaw Surgery

January 18, 2023 By Alexander Kim, DDS, MD

What is jaw reconstructive surgery?  Jaw reconstructive or corrective surgery, better termed Orthognathic surgery, is a surgery to fix your upper (maxilla) and lower (mandible) jaw. These surgeries adjust, correct, and reconstruct any form of jaw irregularities. Severe orthodontic misalignments may also call for Orthognathic surgeries, as braces alone cannot fix these misalignments. Jaw reconstructive surgeries correct the defects and align the jawbone. Typically, these surgeries are recommended for people with severe bite misalignments or ...

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All you need to know about wisdom teeth extraction surgery

January 16, 2023 By Alexander Kim, DDS, MD

What is wisdom teeth extraction?  The wisdom tooth or the third molars are the last back teeth in your jaw. These teeth have a tendency to erupt at unusual angles and tend to be involved in diseases that lead to pain and other associated symptoms. This necessitates the need for their removal.  Wisdom teeth tend to be partially or fully impacted in the jawbone. Therefore, usual extraction procedures cannot be undertaken. Wisdom teeth removal has ...

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Why is getting dental implants after extraction important?

January 12, 2023 By Alexander Kim, DDS, MD

Who needs dental implants? Dental extractions are one of the most commonly performed oral surgeries. Teeth removal may be a consequence of dental decay, dental trauma, gum diseases, or infections. Tooth removal leaves an empty socket which ultimately heals. However, missing teeth contribute to compromised chewing, may lead to speech impediments, and affect your smile. All this can put a dent in a person’s self-confidence, which necessitates teeth replacement.  Dental implants are screw-shaped surgical ...

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All-on-4: A new solution to restore an entire arch of teeth in one day

January 4, 2023 By Alexander Kim, DDS, MD

Teeth loss is most often a result of poor oral hygiene, gum diseases, dental decay, and trauma. Teeth loss has a significant impact on the overall quality of your life. It impairs chewing, affects the way you speak, and compromises aesthetics leading to premature aging. All these can be factors for self-consciousness and decreased self-esteem. Therefore, it becomes imperative to get teeth replaced with an appropriate teeth replacement option.  Until now, the only option available ...

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All you need to know about All-on-4 dental implants

January 3, 2023 By Alexander Kim, DDS, MD

A single missing tooth can adversely affect your vital functions, such as chewing and speech. This problem becomes more severe when someone has lost all or most of their teeth. Multiple missing teeth have severe oral and overall health consequences. They compromise functionality and alter your facial proportions, affecting your appearance and aesthetics. All this can lead to a person feeling self-conscious about themselves, which further affects how they interact in their personal, social and ...

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