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Welcome to Phoenix Oral & Facial Surgery!

We would like to extend to you a warm welcome to our practice. We are committed to doing everything possible to provide you with high quality, state-of-the-art surgical care, and also to make your visit to our office a pleasant experience.

What to Bring on Your First Visit

Online Patient Registration

Click the Patient Registration link below to fill out your initial forms on our secure, HIPAA compliant website.

Patient Registration

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If you are unable to fill out your forms ahead of time, please arrive a few minutes early to allow time to complete our health questionnaire and patient information form. If you have a complicated health history, we highly recommend you complete it online so that we may review it in advance. Be sure to include all medications, herbal supplements, or vitamins on your list since many of these can significantly impact your health. 

You will also need to bring your insurance card or insurance information for us to copy as well as any written referral and x-rays from your general dentist or physician.  

What to Expect on Your First Visit

At your first visit, we will review your chief concern and complete health history.  Any relevant xrays or imaging will be reviewed as well.  If additional imaging is necessary, it can be obtained with our state of the art cone beam imaging system.  After a thorough examination, Dr. Day or Dr. Kim will discuss their findings and all options for treatment.  Our goal is to help you come to an informed decision regarding your care. Complicated or multi-disciplinary cases may require further discussion with your general dentist or physician prior to the presentation of your treatment plan.


Patients with certain medical conditions such as valvular heart disease or a history of artificial joint surgery may be required to premedicate with antibiotics prior to surgical treatment. This important requirement is for your safety. Please notify us if you have been informed by your general dentist or physician that you require premedication.

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