Oral Pathology

phoenix oral pathologyHighly trained in both medicine as well as dentistry, Dr. Kim has the ideal knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat any abnormalities involving your oral and facial health.  Common signs to watch out for may include:

  • Any changes in the color of the skin or mucosa
  • The presence of sores or lesions
  • Thickening or edema of the tissues
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Difficulty or pain with swallowing 

When caught early, many problems can be easily treated and may not seriously affect your health.  In some cases, however, they may be indicative of more serious health issues such as oral cancer.  It is important that if you detect any changes, you have the area examined by a knowledgeable doctor as soon as possible. Routine screening for oral pathology is usually performed by your dentist during routine visits. 

When examining your face or oral cavity for abnormalities, Dr. Kim will perform a thorough examination and check for any lesions or growths or tumors that you may have.  To locate problems or pathology that may not be obvious to visual inspection, a cone beam scan or other non-invasive imaging may be necessary for pathology that lies deeper within the hard tissues. A biopsy or additional specialized testing may also be recommended in order to more accurately diagnose the problem.

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